Off-campus Series Workshops

Three towns with three themes in 2020.


In addition to the original industry model representatives, we cooperated with college teachers and went to Jinguashi, Qixingtan and Aogu Wetland with students from different departments and different grades. Inspiring students to think about issues between people and the environment.

Aogu Wetland
Cultivate students' sensitivity and observation ability to the environment.
Let students recognize, understand and rethink Aogu from the perspective of local people and industry.

Students are involved in field situations, listen to the local, and to edit and interpret the narrative of the landscape. Assist residents in arranging local resources and narrative presentation of structured guided tours.

Invited hotel chef to assist in hand-made creative fish dishes in the form of industry-academia cooperation and presented in an environmental friendly lunch boxes to integrate localization sustainable resources and environment.

Si Wan International Salon

Four types of activities, attracting 1,409 person-time in 2020.


1. International Corner:

Invited speakers to deliver lectures on cultural and educational themes.

2. English Table:

Trained international students lead daily discussion topics for Taiwanese students to practice and enrich their English language skills.

3. IPA Olympics:

Board game competitions will be in the English language.

4. Workshop and Fieldtrip:

Learning from doing, , sharing and experiencing.

Career Exploration and Internship Learning

Cooperate with 104 Career Academy.
5 Lectures: Through the experiences and Insight sharing of professionals in various fields to cultivate students’ cross-field mindset.
Class: Resume writing and interview advices.
Workshops: Encourage students join the enthusiasm for practice and help improve the ability of self-exploration for the future.

Career exploration workshops

Experiences and Insight Sharing from Masters of Industries

Experiential Camps for the Way of Great Learning

“Orientation” for freshmen /Guiding freshmen to find their direction

Refer to the innovative practices of Stanford and other European and American universities to held “Experiential Camp” for two days; the basic concept for participants is to do from learning, team-learning, observation learning, sharing and feedback learning, indoor outdoor cross learning participation centered learning mode.

Taiwan Cultural Week


Every year, we plan an one-week event, which includes several activities and speeches, for students to experience different traditional cultures in Taiwan. On the purpose of deepening the understanding and awareness of the diversity of Taiwan’s cultures.

Activities over the years

2019-Roadside Banquet
We bring the real Roadside Banquet into our school, including all the traditional performances.

2020-The Views of Aboriginal People
Thought the eyes of the Aboriginal People, we can see the different views of the ocean and the mountains of Taiwan. A tatala (traditional boat of the Yamis)sails into school with all the cultural stories.


Physical and Health Education Courses and Activities

We had many activities while this year. Including kayaking, diving license test, compound bow, license test and kids’ swimming class.

We had a new courseware finished for common PE class. Also we are preparing a new education program about ocean sports.

Connection to Nayoro, Hokkaido

Japan-International Volunteer Course

1. Assist Nayoro in organizing important annual community activities such as the “Toy Fair”, etc., to learn the rigorous and meticulous work attitude and service spirit of the Japanese.
2. Gave lectures on Taiwanese culture, promoted Taiwanese tea drinking culture to community residents, and made bubble milk tea on site, which was well received by the public.
3. Entered several local high schools as English teachers, promoted Kaohsiung’s characteristic attractions, and exchanged life and culture between Taiwan and Japan with school teachers and students.

Sign the Memorandum of Understanding

In the future, two-way local practice courses and other educational activities will promote cultural exchanges and regional activation between the two places, and cultivate talents who know Japan and Taiwan.

Program In Interdisciplinary

Experience the world of senior citizens

PIS, opened a caring design course, hoping that students can have more empathy for the disadvantaged and generate caring and care. In addition to stimulating students to think about innovative designs that can improve the inconvenience of senior citizens, it also allows students to have more empathy and positive views towards senior citizens.

NSYSU organizes a series of night art performances:
“Don't Sleep in Yancheng: The ZOO”
"Yan Xia Bu Ye Cheng-Absurd Zoo" block night creation exhibition, through the support of the Ruiyi Education Foundation, linking local businesses, teams and spaces such as the Chateau de Chine Hotel in Kaohsiung, integrating creativity into the block,Sun Yat-sen University has unearthed the sound and charm of Yancheng through performing arts, installation art and activities, so that the public can see the rich elements of this land.

Students and teachers made innovative playground equipment from discarded pallets

NSYSU’s interdisciplinary research program, pointed out that the “design thinking” course responds to the concerns of Kaohsiung City Playground, thereby enabling students and teachers to fulfill their social responsibilities. The team spent a month observing children’s play behaviors and playing with them to understand their needs. This experience reminded many college students of their childhood play time, and then they had to make their own actual equipment.

JPG Percussion Lab-Allowing failed experiments and innovation

Creativity and innovation are the bounden duty of art workers, and experimentation and breakthrough are the encouragement of Zhu Zongqing to the younger generation! The Si Wan College of Sun Yat-sen University invited Zhu Zongqing's Percussion Orchestra "JPG Percussion Lab" project as the topic to share with teachers and students.