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Si Wan College, NSYSU, aims to develop the cultivation of “slashes,” who willingly dedicate their professional knowledge and interest to working multiple jobs and fully master their own lives in the era of knowledge economy and experience economy.


In other words, they will not let their expertise be a hindrance but continuously expand their viability. With the rapid social changes in technology, politics, and economy—in addition to acquiring certain expertise—interdisciplinary learning, hands-on experience, and exploration of the future have become more and more substantial nowadays.


Fostering such abilities requires not merely students’ acquisition of professional knowledge itself but their passion for accompanying peers. Si Wan College provides the first year’s Essential Education, six-dimension General Education, Physical and Health Education, etc., whereby students from different departments can freely interact with one another.


Moreover, Program of Interdisciplinary Studies was also set up with an aim to cultivate students’ interdisciplinary learning.

Course Features

Program of Interdisciplinary Studies: This program, focusing on collaborative learning, offers issue-oriented courses and, responding to the interdisciplinary needs for talent cultivation, stresses the development of students’ practical problem-solving so as to strengthen their social competitiveness.


Essential Education: Centering upon the subject of learning, the Essential Education courses are intended to develop innovative teaching through interdisciplinary micro-credit workshops, course poll system, Inspiration Camp: Rules of University, and dorm collaborative learning.


We also provide a variety of language learning opportunities for students to foster their Chinese/English reading and writing abilities and communication and expressing skills.


Inter-College Electives: These elective courses are designed to balance liberal arts and social sciences and meantime to build up essential knowledge required in interdisciplinary learning.


General Education: The courses are open mainly to second-year and above students, aiming to develop experiential learning integrated with liberal arts.


Service-learning Education: Students are required to take a one-credit Self-Learning course, as our courses feature local, diverse, and experiential learning integrated with such educations as science communication, caring for the underprivileged, civil society, community innovation, international volunteer, and campus service.


Physical and Health Education: The courses are meant to make exercise a good habit for students. With the geographical advantages of our school—a natural environment of both sea and mountains—students are encouraged to do outdoor activities, like snorkeling, sailing, rock-climbing, swimming, etc., meanwhile enjoying the beauty of nature.


The Institute of Social Innovation: The Institute of Social Innovation aims at cultivating talents in leadership for social innovation and sustainable management. In addition to introducing knowledge to students, we except to foster their abilities, such as the abilities of teamwork, problem discovery, deep thinking, case analysis and field practice.




Dr. Hong-Zen Wang- Dean of Si Wan College

Dr. Hong-Zen Wang










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