About Us

Due to the interior reorganization of the Center for General Education on February 1st, 2018, Si Wan College, established by merging the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Education and the Division of Natural and Applied Sciences Education, primarily tackles general education affairs and offers related courses, while the newly-established Center for Essential Education is now dealing with the affairs pertaining to language courses and inter-college electives.

This center is committed to promoting interdisciplinary studies, developing thematically-oriented liberal arts, and cultivating students’ interdisciplinary learning. Additionally, the implementation of general education will be continuously promoted, the course quality uplifted, interdisciplinary exchanges consolidated, and students’ locality, practical ability augmented.

1. We offer thematically-oriented liberal arts courses especially related to food culture and life education.


2. We hold activities, like Taiwan Cultural Week, featuring a combination of general education, dorm collaborative learning, and such various cultures as folk art processions, roadside banquets, Taiwanese aborigines, Hakkha people, military dependents’ villages, etc.


3. We have lectures on general education, such as Lectureship on General Education—Esthetics and Cultural Literacy, and Environmental Change and Ecological Conservation.


4. We promote six-dimension General Education as always and particularly enhance our course quality by inviting scholars to give lectures, combining multiple off-campus resources, and visiting museums, Kaohsiung Main Public Library, etc.


5. We especially highlight Taiwan Studies Program by integrating the four educations and holding workshops on Marine Culture so as to reinforce students’ awareness of local culture; also deepen their locality and practical ability through off-campus teaching and visit.