About Us

This center mainly promotes courses pertaining to physical and health education, intended to promote students’ physical activity, physical fitness, motor skills, and sports participation. Physical activity or exercise is like an accelerator that helps students increase health and quality of life, which perfectly fits the idea of training future talents and developing leadership, as claimed by our school. Further, NSYSU environmentally features the mountains and ocean, so undergraduate students are required to take swimming courses and pass the Swimming Test. With swimming skills, they are expected to learn how to save themselves in the water and expand other water skills. Most importantly, as NSYSU highly emphasizes, the swimming or other water-related courses equip them with the idea of facing the ocean with confidence.


The main goals we expect to reach are:

  1. To promote Physical and Health Education courses and help students to hone multiple motor skills and to adopt a positive life attitude.
  2. To level up the quality of our academic research and encourage our teachers to conduct more research and industry-academia collaboration projects.
  3. To hold physical education activities hopefully to extend students’ learning and promote their participation.
  4. To advise students on getting CPR, coaching, lifeguard, and physical fitness instructor certifications.
  5. To provide extension programs on physical and health education and, in accordance with our national policies, promote physical activity and exercise.