Si Wan College consists of four educational centres, one interdisciplinary program, and a graduate program:
1. Center for Essential Education
2. Center for General Education
3. Centre for Service-learning Education
4. Center for Physical and Health Education
5. Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

6. Institute of Social Innovation

Center for EMI Teaching Excellence


The mission of the Center for EMI Teaching Excellence at Si Wan College is to provide all students with a quality general education learning experience, support faculty in achieving excellence in teaching, and enhance partnership with the university community to cultivate a dynamic teaching and learning experience. The Center aims to foster an intellectually stimulating, bilingual and multicultural environment that will equip participants with the skills necessary to succeed on the global stage.

Division of Responsibilities

The Center for EMI Teaching Excellence is comprised of two divisions of responsibilities:


1. EMI General Education Teaching Promotion Division: responsible for EMI instruction enhancement planning, EMI curriculum development, Student English learning enhancement planning


2. College English Division: College English enhancement planning