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Due to the rising needs for cultivation of interdisciplinary talents, the accent on the development of students’ practical problem-solving, and the enhancement of their social competitiveness, the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies was established in 2018 especially for the students who are ambitious to start new business and interested in liberal arts and contemporary technology. This program offers issue-oriented courses with emphasis on collaborative learning and implementation. In particular, we annually recruit 15 NSYSU undergraduates who have already completed courses over one year, providing them with the chances to do further interdisciplinary studies. The degree of Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) will be conferred on those who complete necessary course requirements.


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Call for Applicants, 109 Academic Year


Admission quota and more information:


Q. Is the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies an official degree?

A. Yes, the degree of BIS will be conferred on students who complete all necessary course requirements, including the required courses, interdisciplinary electives, and collaborative learning courses.


Q. How should I apply to this program?

A. As long as you are our NSYSU undergraduate already completing courses over one year and in accordance with the regulations of our transfer program, you are eligible to apply to this program for our further selection. This program will be officially open to the freshmen in 2020.


Q. Can I apply to this program if I am from other department?

A. This program is open to all the NSYSU undergraduates, and the credits earned from this program can be counted toward the graduation requirements. In this program, you are able to explore your own potential and encouraged to try different types of courses in different fields.


Q. What is the course requirement of the General Education?

A. For this, we don’t have any specific requirement for our students to take electives. Yet, as our General Education divides into six dimensions, students are required to take 12-13 compulsory credits and choose at least 4 dimensions.


Q. Will the BIS be possibly developed into a Master’s program?

A. Please refer to the website of Institute for Social Innovation.


Q. Can the students from other departments take the micro-credit courses offered by this program?

A. These courses are open to all students. It is not necessary you transfer to this program. The credits earned from this micro program can still be counted, and the students can receive a micro program certification.


Q. How are the micro credits counted to the requirements?

A. It depends on the teachers. Basically, every two hours is counted as 0.1 credits, and the credits of all the courses can be accumulated. The maximum for one semester is 18 hours counted as 1 credit. So, you can earn 6 credits at most before the graduation. The excess can be counted in next semesters for sure.