|Ru-Mei Hsieh

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Principal investigator, Startup! Lab

Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

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Academic Division: Entrepreneurship

Ru-Mei Hsieh is an Associate Professor of Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan. At NSYSU, she has taught Lean Startup, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Technology Innovation and Management.


Dr. Hsieh received her doctoral degree from the National Sun Yat-sen University (department of Business Administration) in the area of entrepreneurship management. Her research interests focus on entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurial ecosystem, and entrepreneurship education. She has published papers in Journal of Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship Research Journal, and other Chinese academic journals.

Awards & Honors

2019- Honorable Mention-“Excellent innovative courses and teaching competitions for university teachers” (Topic: The Challenges of Interdisciplinary Teams’

Creative Practice and Self-regulated Learning)


2021 Spring (109-2)

  • Lean Startup
  • Business Strategy and Management
  • Foundation of Technology Management


2020 Fall (109-1)

  • Exploration The Trends of Technical Innovation and Social Needs
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Publications Journal Articles (Selected)

  1. Hsieh, R. M. & Fang, Shih-Chieh (2020). “Entrepreneurial Networking Actions and Innovativeness of Opportunity: The Moderator Role of Venture Stage”. NTU Management Review, 30 (1): 37-64. (TSSCI)
  2. Hsieh, R. M. & Kelley, D. J. (2020). “A Study of Key Indicators of Development for University-Based Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Taiwan.” Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 10(2), 1-17. (SSCI, IF=1.625).
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Book and Report

  1. Liu, C.Y. & Hsieh, R. M (2017). Entrepreneurship: The Perspectives of Entrepreneur, Opportunities and Environment. Best-Wise Publisher. (ISBN:978-986-457-035-5)
  2. Wen, J. D., Hsieh, R. M., &Chen, Y. W. (2013). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: 2010-2012 Taiwan Report. (ISBN:978-986-03-9845-8).