This competition is designed to provide a stage for students to express their opinions and ideas in English and creativity.  This time, participants can freely and creatively express their views on their hometown. Through this competition, they not only can develop their thinking and expression skills but also learn more about the atmosphere and culture of local and foreign cities through the eyes of their peers.


NSYSU students

Contest groups:

Group 1:  DFLL students, EMI students, foreign students, and students who have more than 6 months abroad experience

Group 2: Non-English majored students



The competition is divided into two groups.  The first group is the foreign students, DFLL students and EMI program students.  The second group is non-English related students.  The topic of the competition is “My Hometown”.  Contestants will be judged based on their presentation expressive abilities, content, deportment, and creativity, with the winners receiving awards and prizes.  To encourage student to participate and express the organizers’ appreciation for the contestants’ instructors, all finalists will receive certificate of participation, and all instructors will receive letters of appreciation.




我台灣,我驕傲。 / My city, my pride.


Stages of the competition

第一階段(初賽)Preliminary phase


In the preliminary phase, a one to one and half-minute video must be uploaded to the following URL.  The way of introducing the hometown is not limited. Participants can use their creativity to describe the characteristics of their hometown in English and record it into a video.  The scoring criteria of the preliminary phase are the same as those of the final (see below). 15 contestants in each respective group will be selected for the final.



1) 初賽影片限制   1 – 1.5 分鐘

2) 參賽者本人必須出現在影片中。

3) 學生可以有其他助手參與影片演出,但非參賽者本人不得於影片中發出聲音。




第二階段(決賽)Final phase

入圍決賽者將於12/17(星期五)現場參加比賽。The finalists will present on 12/17 (Fri.)

報告時間每人5分鐘,評審問答3分鐘。The presentation time is 5 minutes for each contestant, and the Q&A time is 3 minutes.

時間/Time 動作/Action 提醒/Reminder

4 minutes


To raise a card to remind you


One minute left


4 minutes 30 seconds


To raise a card to remind you


30 seconds left


5 minutes


To ring the bell to remind you


Please end the speech


5 minutes 30 seconds


To ring the bell to remind you


Force off the podium


The presentation time lasts less than 3 minutes


2 points deducted


The presentation time lasts more than 5 minutes 30 seconds


2 points deducted


評審提問時間 Minutes for judges’ questions 1分鐘  1 minute
參賽者回答時間 Minutes for contestants’ answers 2分鐘  2 minutes



1) 決賽每人表演時間為5分鐘。

2) 參賽學生可以任何助手、視覺輔助道具或多媒體工具(影片、PPT…等)協助展演,但英語口說部分必須由參賽者本人現場演示,不得以任何事前錄音、錄影方式呈現。

3) 學生發表完畢後,有3分鐘Q&A時間。


相關時程  Contest schedule


Deadline for submission of preliminary videos


Now~ 11/26 (Fri.)


Preliminary Result announcements


2021/12/03 (Fri.)


Deadline to submit PowerPoint files


2021/12/13 (Mon.)


Final date

2021年12月17日(五) 中山大學

2021/12/17 (Fri.) @NSYSU




1) 請將初賽影片上傳至以下網址。



Please upload the preliminary video to the following URL.

The format of the preliminary video MUST be mp4.. Contestants with incomplete information will not be allowed to participate, and no further notice will be given by the organizer.


2) 初賽影片檔案命名方式


The naming of the video file:

Full name + department level+ student number (e.g., Sun Yat-sen Si Wan College B051234567)


3) 入圍決賽者, 若需要以簡報檔(如:PPT)參加決賽,需於指定期限內繳交相關檔案,以利彙整。Finalists who use the PowerPoint file to introduce their hometown must submit the file by the deadline for compilation.



English expressive abilities (pronunciation, intonation, fluency, accuracy, etc.)


Presentation content (relevance, creativity, structure, visual design, etc.)


Deportment (gesture, clothing, etc.)

創意 (呈現方式、原創性、想像力、趣味性、觀察力)

Creativity (presentation, originality, imagination, fun, observation, etc.)




※ 如遇有總分同分情形時,以下列順序得分高低決定名次,(1)語言表達能力(2)演講內容(3)創意(4)台風。

If two persons receive the same final score, the ranking will be determined by the higher scores of (1) English expressive ability (2) Content (3) Creativity (4) Deportment.


入圍決賽的同學每人將頒發參賽證書乙張,賽後由專業評審評選出各組前三名、優選二名,佳作三名。Each contestant will receive a certificate of participation. After all participants have finished, judges will select the top three entries, two outstanding entries, and three superior entries for each group.


第一名 每人頒發5000元獎金及獎狀。

第二名 每人頒發3000元獎金及獎狀。

第三名 每人頒發2000元獎金及獎狀。

優  選 每人頒發500元獎金獎狀。

佳  作 每人頒發 200元獎金獎狀。


First Prize: Each contestant receives NT$5,000 and a certificate of award.

Second Prize: Each contestant receives NT$3,000 and a certificate of award.

Third Prize: Each contestant receives NT$2,000 and a certificate of award.

Outstanding Prize: Each contestant receives NT$5,000 and a certificate of award.

Superior Prize: Each contestant receives NT$200 and a certificate of award.



Schedule for the Final: December 17, 2021

Finalists must check in with their own student ID cards at 09:00-10:00 at the Registration Counter on the day of the final. Finalists will be disqualified if they present in the wrong order or do not appear on stage after being called three times.

Time Event Venue (to be announced)
09:00~10:00 Check in Registration:Info-Library Building B1 floor


Judge panel meeting
10:00~10:15 Guest remarks B1 Video Conference room, Info-Library Building
Introduction of contest rules
10:30~12:00 Competition starts

(contestant 1~8)

Group 1: B1 Video Conference room ( Info-Library Building)

Group 2: B1 Conference room ( Info-Library Building)

12:00~12:50 Recess (teatime) International building, NSYSU
12:50~14:20 Competition starts

(contestant 9~15)

Group 1: B1 Video Conference room ( Info-Library Building)

Group 2: B1 Conference room ( Info-Library Building)

14:20~14:30 Scoring  
14:30~15:00 Award Ceremony B1 Video Conference room ( Info-Library Building)
    • 09:00~10:00
    • 09:30-09:50
    • 10:00~10:15
    • 10:30~12:00
    • 12:00~12:50
    • 12:50~14:20
    • 14:20-14:30
    • 14:30-15:00