Primer on College Life: A Lecture Series

One of the important goals of higher education is encouraging students to become modern citizens with high quality literacy, which depends on the cooperation of general education courses, professional courses and related activities. In order to construct the essential knowledge of humanities, society and science required for “interdisciplinary”, General Education plays the role of essential and core education in higher education. Through the essential courses for freshman, six- major dimensions of liberal arts courses, and physical and health courses, etc., Si Wan College enhance students from different departments to collaborate with each other, cultivates students’ essential literacy and core abilities, building up their interdisciplinary learning fundamentals, and edify their liberal arts manners. Additionally, through practical experience courses, including “Primer on College Life: A Lecture Series”, “Service Learning courses”, and “Applied courses”, etc., Si Wan College also guides students to explore the ways of University, to feel humanities within service, and to learn within through life-related activities. Students at NSYSU shall attend 6 “Primer on College Life: A Lecture Series” lectures or activities before graduate. The “Primer on College Life: A Lecture Series” mainly includes NSYSU general education lectures and arts and cultural activities, etc.

Every semester, NSYSU general education lectures invites domestic and foreign specialists and scholars with unique insights into general education to school and give speeches to all teachers and students. Exchange time is also arranged to provide communication chance to teachers, students, and special guest speakers, in order to achieve the exemplary general education goals, which includes improving students’ abilities, such as international vision, local care, creativity, communication skills, and gender coexistence, etc.

Additional information:

※ There will be two periods of application time for recommendation as “Primer on College Life: A Lecture Series”. The first application time starts from the beginning of summer/winter vacation and ends at the week before the semester starts. The second application time is at the first month of the semester.


※Activities held by administrative and academic units on campus are the objects of review. Activities held by student groups should be reviewed by the Students’ Association first, and be recommend applied by the Students’ Association. All application will be reviewed by” Primer on College Life: A Lecture Series Planning and Promotion Committee”. (Directors of all units at Si Wan College and student representatives are invited to the Committee as well.)


※The topic of activity should be in line with general education or interdisciplinary education themes, such as introducing the university, international issues, important contemporary issues, connotation of general education, art and cultural activities, environmental experience of mountain and sea, service learning spirits, career planning, etc.


※Activity Restriction: The activity must not be a part of a course, and cannot be recognized as any course credit. Application for speeches at any courses or any activities with credits will not be accepted, such as Microcredit Course.