Hosted by National Sun Yat-sen University


  1.   Dr. Chien-Hung Tung, Director-General, Information Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
  2.   Dr. Ching-Ho Lin, Director, Kaohsiung District Agriculture Research and Extension Station
  3.   Dr. Yuan-Pin Chang, Associate Professor, Division of Marine Chemistry and Geology, Department of Oceanography, NSYSU


  1.   Dr. Chih-Wen Kuo, Vice President, Office of International Affairs; Distinguished Professor, Institute of Communications Engineering, NSYSU
  2.   Dr. Chi-I Lin, Associate Professor, Center for General Education, Si Wan College, NSYSU
  3.   Dr. Yuh-Yuh Li, Assistant Professor, Si wan College, NSYSU


7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (UTC+8:00, Local Time):   Power Dialog Webinar


PLEASE REGISTER HERE to watch the webinar live. If you are unable to attend at the time of the event, we will be sharing it on our blog following the event. 


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(pm, local time)

7:00-7:05 Opening performance
7.05-7.10 NSYSU & OSUN: Dr. KUO
7.10-7.20 OSUN film showing: Climate Change
7.20-7.40 Air Pollution and Solutions: Dr. Tung
7.40-8.00 Youth Voice I: Eat Wisely
8.00-8.20 Agriculture and Solutions: Dr. Lin
8.20-8.40 Youth Voice II:  Practical Solutions
8.40-8.50 Oceans and Green Energy: Dr. Chang
8.50-9.00 Youth Voice III: Energy Efficiency and Future Energy
9.00~9.10 Closing performance


Webinar Live :

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