In order to enforce the English proficiency of the undergraduate students and the Graduation Requirement of English, the English Learning Portfolio Project is accordingly added in the Regulation of Undergraduate Student English Proficiency Cultivation under the English Proficiency Standard for Undergraduate students. Students can apply to join in the English Learning Portfolio Project and collect the required points to meet the English Proficiency Standard.



The undergraduate students, exclusive of the students of English major, in service, in continuation program, of exchange student programs, from non-English speaking countries, and of overseas Taiwanese.



Date for application:

(1) September 1st to September 30th.

(2) March 1st to March 30th.


Application Procedure(s)

1. Please submit the on-line application form for English Learning Portfolio. Click me

2. After submit your application form, bring your student’s ID card to Center for EMI Teching Excellence, Si Wan College. (10F, Info-library Building)

How to earn points?

After the application is approved by the Center for EMI Teaching Excellence, students can participate in the English learning related activities to collect points.



※ 集滿100點後請至「英語文能力標準鑑定系統」登入資料並印出認證單後,持認證單及實踐歷程檔案護照至西灣學院全英語卓越教學中心(圖資10樓)採認。


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