Topic: Social Network, Analysis for Career, Friendship and Life

Date: 2021/10/14
Time: 10:10-12:00
Speaker: Dr. Jacob Reidhead

Venue: TED (西SW1008), 10F, Info-Library Building


  • Dr. Jacob Reidhead

    Jacob is a sociologist specializing in East Asian politics and society. Jacob initially studied his BA in math (Arizona State) and Masters in statistics (Ohio State). In 2008, he lived and worked in North Korea as a Mercy Corps program officer with a USAID food program. His experiences in Korea persuaded him to pursue an academic career in East Asian studies beginning with a PhD in sociology (Stanford University). Since January 2021, Jacob has lived in Kaohsiung where he conducts research as a Taiwan MOFA post-doctoral fellow. Jacob is also a regular consultant for South Korean tech incubators such as KISED, Seoul Fintech Lab and Daejeon CCEI.

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*Center for EMI Teaching Excellence



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