We are pleased to announce the results of Si Wan College’s Life Imitation Art Challenge.


After two weeks of the challenge, we have received works from local and foreign from the Czech Republic, Myanmar, Switzerland, and Vietnam. This response we take as evidence that visual arts can truly transcend cultural and language boundary!


The judging panel was impressed by the great creativity these works demonstrate and was faced with a difficulty to select only 5 winning works! The decision has been made following two criteria: creativity and understanding of the original artwork.


We invite winners to come to the award ceremony and the art appreciation workshop on 3rd June (16:10-18:00, 10 floor Info-library Building). There will be a buffet reception afterwards. Drop in and join us!

And the winners are:

1st Prize:黃○欣(Taiwan, Theater Arts)、陳○秀(Taiwan, Theater Arts). Self-portrait with Monkey

A brilliant work imitating the self-portrait of the Mexican female artist Frida Kahlo. Your eyebrows are identical! Not to mention the eye-catching monkey behind you. I hope you did not spend too much on cosmetics!

2nd Prize:郭○彣(Taiwan, Political Economy);Photo:陳○盈(Taiwan, Political Economy). Napoleon Crossing the Alps

This works gives a modern rendition of Jacques-Louis David’s neo-classical work. Look at that scooter and the posture of the sitter! The judges were almost convinced that Napoleon might have had rode a scooter as well! This work also proves that red cape is still fashionable!

3rd Place: @ Hkawn San (Myanmar, GHRM), Me and My Parrots

We have another challenger adapted Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait. Look at how neatly these household goods imitate the parrots. So creative and inspiring! Moreover, just like the original parrots, yours are biodegradable as well!

Committee’s Choice: Lê Ngọc Bích Thủy (Vietnam, GHRM). Portrait of a Young Girl

This remake is incredibly similar to the original work! We had difficulties to distinguish which of the pictures was the original and which the reinterpretation thereof. Can you believe that there is a rice cooker involved in this? Great job!!

Committee’s Choice: @AV Takao Montania zu Kaohsiung. Landesvater

Wu Yi-Chin (Taiwan, IBMBA), Tran Thi Mai Hanh (Vietnam, IMAPA), Hkawn San (Myanmar, GHRM), and Jirka Libal (Czech Republic, IBMBA Alumni). Photo: Moritz Valentin Märki (Switzerland, IBMBA) This group selected a German artist’s work that gives us a chance to look at the life of German students back in the nineteenth century. This work has evoked the judges’ curiosity: what was the reason that meaning of their posture? We can’t wait to know more about the story behind this work!

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    • 16:40-17:00 |Awards Ceremony
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