We hope that you are as excited about the Life Imitation Art Awards Ceremony and the Art Appreciation Workshop as we do.

The first activity of the day is the awards ceremony. Then, in the Workshop the creator(s) of the winning works will talk about their stories behind the classic remake. There will be also time for you to DIY a classic remake! Get ready! The event will end with a snack buffet, where people can enjoy pizzas, nibbles and drinks. It will be a great opportunity to get to know each other. We look forward to seeing many of you!

Registration is not compulsory. Do drop in if you fancy a fun evening!


Date and Time: 3rd June 2020 (Wed) 16:10-18:30
Location: 10 fl Library, Si Wan College (the ground-floor lift can take you to the 10 fl. But you need to use your student ID to activate the control panel)
6/3 Event Timetable
16:10-16:30 Registration
16:30-16:40 Welcome & Introduction
16:40-17:00 Awards Ceremony
17:00-17:45 Art Workshop: Coordinator Dr. Koching Chao (History of Art, University of York, UK)
17:45-18:30 Buffet Reception


For more information:

Dr Koching Chao

History of Art, University of York, UK

Postdoc, Si Wan College

Coordinator, Si Wan International Salon