The aim of this two-hour session is to introduce special aspects of Taiwan’s aboriginal people.


Theme:Wonder of Taiwan

Speaker:Brady Michael Jack


109.10.28(三) 12:00~13:00-

Wonder of Taiwan -General introduction of the 16 Aboriginal Tribe in Taiwan.(Part 5)


109.10.29(四) 12:00~13:00-

Wonder of Taiwan -Special aboriginal speaker to introduce the Bunun Tribe.(Part 6)


Venue:Si Wan 1001(Info-Library Building 10F)


1. The maximum number of participants is 40 people. Please make sure you will be attending both sessions before signing up.

2. Students who attend both sessions will get 0.1 unit.

3. The venue will be sanitized before and after the sessions. We also provide rubbing alcohol.

4. Please wear a mask during the course. If you don’t feel well, please stay at home and rest.

Contact Information


Organizer:Center for General Education,Si Wan College
Phone:07-5252000#5853( Assistant Vivienne Ye)