What is Digital Self-Paced Learning Course

This semester NSYSU collaborates with great universities around the world offering online course for undergraduate students.

Students from NSYSU now can take courses from schools such as Yale University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Technical University of Denmark and many more.
There are a good varieties of courses from science, computer science, biology to humanity.

Register Dates and Details

Registration period
109 / 09 / 07 – 110 / 01 / 08


* Undergraduate student can take up to 10 credits (maximum) from this Digital Self-Paced Learning section. Please confirm with your major department.


* By taking the courses, graduate and higher education student may apply for credits. Please verify the details with your major department.


More Information

Any questions please contact the following staff:

Chung Yin Tsai
Tel: 07-5252000 #2164

Chun Wang
Tel: 07-5252000 #2122

Chi-lung Tsai
Tel: 07-5252000 #2166

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