A Brilliant Day Out With Your Friends!

The most popular outdoor reality puzzle game is coming to National Sun Yat-Sen University!

It’s time to explode your treasure-hunting spirit.Tons of buried treasures at Si Wan are waiting for you to dig out.

Use codebreaking, and good old-fashioned treasure-hunting techniques to GET RICH in this limited ticket event…

⏰ 活動時間/Event Date



09:20-09:40 報到、領取遊戲道具 (地點:英語自學園-翠亨L棟宿舍旁)

09:40-10:00 開幕式 (地點:英語自學園-翠亨L棟宿舍旁)

10:00-12:00 活動開始


09:20~09:40 Check in. Receive game packages.(Location: English Plaza)

09:40~10:00 Open Ceremony (Location: English Plaza)

10:00~12:00 Game starts

🌟報名辦法/Registration Methods

  • 填寫線上表單,報名成功的組別將於03/28(星期一)郵件通知
  • 請組隊參加,每組4位同學,因活動名額有限,開放25組參加,額滿為止!
  • 報名時間:111/03/16(星期三)至111/03/23(星期三)
  • Please form teams to participate. Each team must contain four members.
  • There are only twenty-five team slots due to limitations.
  • Sign up time: 111/03/16 (Wednesday) ~111/03/23 (Wednesday)


1. 以最短時間完成各關卡解謎的隊伍,取前三名!
🔸第一名【中山工藤新一】 :原燒O-Niku燒肉現金卷每人乙張,上限四張


2. 【中山衣夫人獎】
鼓勵學生穿著創意特色的主題服裝參與,請於活動當日,拍照上傳至英語自學園English Plaza臉書,並完賽。


3. 【中山OPEN獎】

1. The three teams with the fastest completion time will be awarded.
🔸1st Prize: One cash coupon per person for O-Niku Restaurant
🔸2nd Prize: One movie ticket per person for ViewShow Cinema
🔸3rd Prize: NT$100 FamilyMart gift card per person


2. Master Creativity Award
Participants can dress creatively, ideally with a theme. On the date of the even take a group picture and post it to the English Plaza Facebook page. The event organizer will select the “Three Best dressed teams” and each team will receive NT$200 FamilyMart Gift Card.


3. 中山Open獎
As long as you participate in the whole game, each person will get a chance to win a surprise gift draw once. Surprise prizes include movie tickets for ViewShow Cinema, coupons for 聚Hokkaido Konbu Hot Pot Restaurant, gift vouchers for Books Bookstore……etc.