活動主旨 Purpose

1. 藉由全校性的英文寫作競賽活動,培養學生對於英文寫作的興趣。
To cultivate students’ interest in English writing through the English writing contest.
2. 鼓勵學生透過英文寫作的視角,呈現中山特有的校園生活面貌。
To encourage students to depict the uniqueness of campus life at NSYSU through English writing.

參賽對象 Eligibility

國立中山大學非英語相關科系大學部在校生。Undergraduates who are non-English majors at NSYSU


備註: 外文系、全英學程、母語為英語者以及曾在英語系國家居住或求學超過6個月(含)之學生不具備參賽資格。
Remark: Students who are English majors, enrolled in All-English Programs, native English speakers, and have lived or studied in an English-speaking country for more than 6 months are INELIGIBLE for the contest.

活動資訊 Information

|比賽日期|Date ⏰

2022年10月12日 (週三 )  October 12th,2022 (Wednesday)



圖資十樓西灣學院創意教室A (西SW 1003)、創意教室B (西SW 1004)

Innovative Classroom A and Innovative Classroom B (10F, Info-library Building)

活動時程 Schedule 📋

|報名時間|Registration Time

111年9月5日(一) 至111年9月30日(五)下午5:00截止。
參賽人數: 考量疫情影響,限50名。額滿後將關閉線上報名表。

Registration: Start September 5th, 2022 at 9:00 AM; End September 30th, 2022 at 5:00 PM

The upper limit of contestant will be 50. The online registration form will be closed when the quota is full.


|競賽時間|Competition Time

111年10月12日(三) 15:00至 16:30。

15:00-16:30, October 12th  (Wed.), 2022


※Registration will be open from 2:20 PM to 2:40 PM on the same day. Those who can’t register before 2:40 PM, please complete the registration before 3:00 PM. Latecomers will be regarded as withdrawing from the contest.



|結果公布|Result Announcement 📢

111年11月4日(五) 公布於西灣學院全英語卓越教學中心。

The results will be announced on the website of Si Wan College on November 4th (Fri.), 2022.

參賽獎勵 Participation Bonus


Participants who complete the submission of their works on the day of the contest will receive 2 points added to the final score of the English general education course they are taking this semester.


A snack box and 2 stamps for the Si Wan International Salon Activity will be offered to participants after they have finished the contest.

優勝獎勵 Award


First Prize: Each contestant will receive NT$2,000 and a certificate of award.


Second Prize: Each contestant will receive NT$1,500 and a certificate of award.


Third Prize: Each contestant will receive NT$1,000 and a certificate of award.


Merit award: Each contestant will receive NT$5,00 and a certificate of award.


Honorable mention: Each contestant will receive NT$200 and a certificate of award


競賽規則 Rules 👮



Picture Writing

(The topic will be announced on the day of the contest.)

Word Limit: Minimum 250 words.


| 評分標準|Criteria 👩‍🏫

內容及論點 Content and Argument 40%
組織架構 Organization 30%
句型及單字 Sentence Patterns and Vocabulary 30%


|比賽時間|Contest Time


It is a 90-minute contest from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM on October 12th, 2022. Participants may submit their works and leave after 4:00 PM.


|文具用品|Writing Utensils ✏️


Writing utensils, including blue or black ballpoint pens, correction fluid and liquid paper, etc. Stationery will NOT be provided.


|禁止事項|Regulations 🚫


 Paper and electronic dictionaries (without internet access) are allowed.
 All other electronic devices will NOT be allowed. Mobile phones MUST be turned off or muted.
 Talking and borrowing writing utensils will be regarded as violations and will disqualify the participants from the contest immediately.