【112學年度第一學期學士班英文分級測驗考試須知】(2023年9月6日 週三 下午4:10~5:25)







三、考試教室:通GE4016 (綜合大樓四樓)、通GE3013 (綜合大樓三樓)、海ME3006(海工館三樓)、通GE1008(綜合大樓一樓)











國立中山大學  西灣學院全英語卓越教學中心網站:













考  試  類  別 及 格 標 準
全民英檢(GEPT) 中高級複試(含)以上
托福紙筆測驗(TOEFL ITP) 527 分(含)以上
托福網路化測驗(TOEFL-iBT) 71 分(含)以上
多益測驗(TOEIC)聽力與閱讀測驗 785 分(含)以上
多益測驗(TOEIC)口說與寫作測驗 310 分(含)以上
國際英語能力測驗 (IELTS) 5.5 級(含)以上


B2 (含)以上



***In accordance with Article 3 of the “Key Points for Cultivating English Ability of Students at Sun Yat-Sen University’s Undergraduate Programs”, Students must take the “112 Academic Year 1st Semester English Grading Test for Undergraduate Classes” held by our school to determine your English grade. Those who do not take this test will be classified as basic level.

***The detailed examination time and regulations are as follows:

1. Overseas students from English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, etc, whose native language is English, do not need to take this test. Please prepare both your passport and high school transcripts to the 10th floor at Si Wan College (Library) to submit an exemption application form.

2. Examination time: September 6, 2023 (Wednesday) 16:10–17:25 pm

3. Examination classroom:

*GE4016 (Fourth floor of General building),

*GE3013 (Third floor of General building),

*ME3006 (Third floor of the Building of Marine Environment and Engineering),

*GE1008 (First floor of General building)

4. Examination room list: please refer to the attachment.

5. Examination content: English listening comprehension + English reading test.

6. Examination regulations:

A.Please be sure to bring your student ID card or other personal identification documents with a photo (ID card, driver’s license, passport or residence permit for overseas students), 2B pencil, blue or black ballpoint pen, and eraser to take the test.

B.Candidates are not allowed to submit the answer sheet earlier and leave the test room in advance after the start of the test.

7. Query the grading results:

A.Please visit our website at: to check the results, you will find it at <Latest News>. Or visit the student course selection system, the test result will be under <English Grading Inquiry> on September 7 (Thursday).

B.Please register for the first stage of addition and withdrawal: 9/7–9/8, and the second stage of addition and withdrawal: 9/13–9/14, and register for additional courses by yourself according to the grading results.You must submit supporting documents (passport and transcripts from high school (including) and above) to apply for exemption.

***National Sun Yat-sen University SiWan CollegeCenter for English Teaching Excellence website:

***If you are unable to take the exam, but you have an official English test score report (within 2 years), you are recommended to apply for a level change or a credit exemption for the general English course. Here is a brief explanation below and you may refer to the “Key Points for Cultivating English Ability of Undergraduate Students in National Sun Yat-Sen University” for more details.

***Classification change standards:

1. You can apply for level change before taking any general English courses.

2. TOEIC 550 points → changed to intermediate level

3. TOEIC 600 points → changed to high intermediate level

4. TOEIC 700 points → changed to advanced level


***Standards for exemption of general English courses

(applicable to those enrolled in the 2023 Fall Semester):

Type of Tests Standard of Passing
GEPT High-Intermediate Level Second test(inclusive)

and above

TOEFL ITP 527 (inclusive) and above
TOEFL-iBT 71 (inclusive) and above
TOEIC Listening & Reading 785 (inclusive) and above
TOEIC Speaking & Writing 310 (inclusive) and above
IELTS 5.5 (inclusive) and above
BESTEP B2 level (inclusive)

and above