「EMI系列講座|雙語寶島-台灣在本土與國際語文之間」的目標為用英文演講的方式讓學生構想台灣作為「雙語」的寶島,無論此「雙語」是以英文與北方話為主軸,或兩種本土語言為主軸(閩南話,客家話以及南島語系),或甚至不同新居民的語言(粵語,越語,馬來語等)。此系列演講會思考台灣的多元性與混雜行,置於本土與世界之前,與東南亞,東亞與大陸有深刻的歷史脈絡,台灣的豐富性來自於這樣「in between 之間」或 [trans 跨]的特色。五位講者會從不同的角度思考台灣作為多語寶島的過去、現在與未來。講者也會將台灣的語言歷史與不同國家的語言歷史做比較,比如立陶宛、日本、韓國等等。

The Bilingual Island-Taiwan Between Local and Global Languages is a lecture series designed to consider the notion of Taiwan as a bilingual linguistic environment, regardless of whether that bilingualism is expressed between English and Mandarin, between Mandarin and a variety of local languages (Taiwanese Minnan, Hakka, or Austronesian languages), or even between languages spoken by newcomers to Taiwan (including Cantonese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, etc.). Situated between different linguistic regions, including Mainland China, East Asia, and South Asia, Taiwan’s complex cultural identity lies precisely in its “in-between” or “trans” nature. This lecture series will invite five speakers to think of Taiwanese culture and history from this boundary crossing perspective. A number of speakers will also but Taiwan into transcultural perspective, discussing the linguistic histories of other countries in East Asia and Europe to serve as comparative examples, as we attempt to understand Taiwanese as a multi-lingual space.