Rental regulations

This page is a summary of the Mandarin Chinese version of the rental regulations; for specific rental requirements, please see the Mandarin Chinese version of the rental regulations.


Si Wan College has established regulations for venue charges and management to improve efficiency.


Applications for facility use must be reviewed and approved by a supervisor or unit.

The main purpose of the venue is for teaching and research, with charges applicable for all other cases. Certain exemptions and discounts apply, such as no charge for classes conducted by the College's units and a 50% discount for non-administration regular courses.

Standard charges include maintenance of the venue and equipment.

Discounts are available for outside companies or organizations co-organizing events and for alumni.

Deposits must be paid in advance by off-campus units and student organizations and will be refunded if the space is undamaged.

Payments must be made within one week of the approval date, and cancellations have different refund policies.

Rules for venue use include proper maintenance, no outside drinks or food, and responsible cleanliness.

Prior notification is required for using certain areas, and non-compliance may result in a ban.

Additional cleaning fees are charged for larger events or on holidays.

The Academy has the right to terminate space use in case of violations. Revenue allocation follows university guidelines, and any matters not covered will be handled according to relevant regulations.