SW1007|Innovation Studio


Projector, Projection Screen, Microphone, Movable tables and chairs, Glass whiteboards, Ground sockets


Rental Fees

Standard rate of venue usage fee (per section): $4,000

Deposit: $1,000

Remark 1: Off-campus units are subject to an additional 5% sales tax if they are required to issue a receipt.

Remark 2: Each time section is 2 hours (time sections are divided into: 8~10 a.m., 10~12 p.m., 12~2 p.m., 2~4 p.m., and 6~9 p.m.), less than 2 hours will be counted as 2 hours, and the fee for the next time section will be added to the time section beyond that; the time section of 6-9 p.m. will be counted at 1.5 times the time section (less than 3 hours will still be counted as 3 hours).

Remark 3: The deposit is cash only and will be refunded if no damage occurs after use.



Program in Interdisciplinary Studies (ext.5740)



Please refer to the application form for our venue fees, regulations and use of venues.