Si Wan Milestones in 2021

Off-campus Series Workshops

Two towns with Two themes in 2021.


In addition to the original industry model representatives, we cooperated with college teachers and went to Jinguashi, Qixingtan and Aogu Wetland with students from different departments and different grades. Inspiring students to think about issues between people and the environment.

Students are involved in field situations, listen to the local, and to edit and interpret the narrative of the landscape. Assist residents in arranging local resources and narrative presentation of structured guided tours.


Si Wan International Salon

Four types of activities, attracting 2,478 person-time in 2021.(1,409 person-time in 2020, a 75% increase)


  1. International Corner: Invited speakers to deliver lectures on cultural and educational themes.
  2. English Table: Trained international students lead daily discussion topics for Taiwanese students to practice and enrich their English language skills.
  3. IPA Olympics: Board game competitions will be in the English language.
  4. Workshop and Fieldtrip: Learning from doing, , sharing and experiencing.


Career Exploration and Internship Learning

[ Talent Optimization Program ] Cooperate with 104 Career Academy.


• 6 lectures: Through the experiences and Insight sharing of professionals in various fields to cultivate students’ cross-field mindset.
• 1 class: Resume writing and interview advices.
• 2 workshops: Encourage sutudents join the enthusiasm for practice and help improve the ability of self-exploration for the future.


Micro-credit workshops &dorm collaborative learning

Devoting our teaching to the subject of learning, we particularly develop innovative education via interdisciplinary micro-credit workshops and dorm collaborative learning.
In so doing, we hope to create an environment of self-regulated and interdisciplinary learning and meanwhile to balance liberal arts and social sciences learning among students.


Taiwan Cultural Week


Every year, we plan a one-week event, which includes several activities and speeches, for students to experience different traditional cultures in Taiwan. The purpose of this event is to deepen the understanding and awareness of the diversity of Taiwanese cultures.

2021- Hakka culture

The Hakka culture was focused in this year and there were several activities, including leading students to experience the DIY of persimmon bags, pins and mini oiled paper umbrellas, and visit the Hakka area (Meinong). Hakka culture has its own uniqueness in the traditional field. This representation also shows different highlights in modern literature, art and various fields. This activity enabled students to have a deeper understanding of the diverse aspects of Hakka culture.


Closing digital divide: students help the elderly learn new technologies

Autonomous Service Learning Course

In the summer service learning course, students implement services in their homes and neighborhoods to help the elderly learn to use technological tools, so that the elderly can quickly get started with digital resources such as epidemic prevention information, online registration, fake news verification, and online shopping, and promote community integration And to enhance the smart and healthy life of the elderly to achieve effective digital epidemic prevention.

A student’s grandma learns to register online for a doctor appointment.

In addition to making up for the information gap between generations, students can also learn the ability and skills to communicate with the elders, and further understand the needs of the elders, and are more connected with the social responsibilities of college students. In the severe time of the epidemic, they can use their personal information skills and present specific contributions.


Sea Sports Education: Be closer to the sea and learn from the sea.

Physical Literacy Oriented Exercise with Sea Sports Education

This year we have opened two different courses for students to learn for the sea.
“Sport & Health: Basic Life Saving” is the only lifeguard training course with credits in the universities in Taiwan. Students of Sun Yat-sen University do not need to pay any fees. After obtaining the training certificate, they can obtain the qualification of lifeguard after passing the examination of the Ministry of Education.
” Sport & Health: Basic Aquatic Activities ” has opened and including sailing, bodyboarding, stand-up paddling and canoeing and other marine sports, giving students more comprehensive and diverse contacts and choices about marine sports.


The awards asia 2021 - PIS

Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year

Being shortlisted is affirmation. With the continuous efforts of all the staff of West Bay College, Zhongshan will be seen by the world.
Break the existing methods to emphasize collaborative learning, let students learn by doing, inspire creative thinking, through the communication and learning between people, cultivate cross-domain characteristics + the ability to solve complex problems in reality, let us work with you Find your goal in the Humanities Program at Sun Yat-Sen University and move towards it.

Department of Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University, shortlisted for the Best Teaching Strategy Award of the Asia Times Higher Education Awards


About the Awards


Hands-on workshop teaches students about sustainable design

Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year

The Program in Interdisciplinary Studies (PIS) at National Sun Yat-sen University held a two-day workshop on “ESG Secrets of Product Structure”, promoting knowledge of sustainable design among students taking electric fans as an example. Assistant Professors Cheng-Jung Yang and Hao-Ching Hsia of PIS explained the meaning of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) using examples from everyday life and guided the participants to disassemble an electric fan and understand its structure. The students learned how to draw assembly drawings, write down a materials list, then disassemble the product and evaluate it; the hands-on part let them better remember what they learned.