THE Awards Asia 2021 Nomination – Si Wan PIS

Si Wan college’s Program in Interdisciplinary Studies is nominated THE Awards Asia 2021 in Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year.

The winners will be announced on December 14th – 15th 2021.

Si Wan Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

Due to the rising needs for cultivation of interdisciplinary talents, the accent on the development of students’ practical problem-solving, and the enhancement of their social competitiveness, the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies was established in 2018 especially for the students who are ambitious to start new business and interested in liberal arts and contemporary technology. This program offers issue-oriented courses with emphasis on collaborative learning and implementation. In particular, we annually recruit 15 NSYSU undergraduates who have already completed courses over one year, providing them with the chances to do further interdisciplinary studies. The degree of Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) will be conferred on those who complete necessary course requirements.


THE Awards Asia 2021 - Shortlist  PIS submission THE Awards Asia 2021


Program in Interdisciplinary Studies